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Gerber enVision™ Plotters
The final step of the Design, Print, Cut solution. This is the only plotter that will kiss cut, die cut and back slit in registration.

enVision 375

A Gerber enVision plotter is the ultimate workhorse —rugged, reliable, accurate, and fast.

The enVision Plotters are amazingly easy to use. Just select the vector shapes you want to cut in your software, load your material in the enVision, and send the job over.

Create the ultimate digital production system: the Edge FX and enVision 375 — the fastest 15” sprocket plotter around!

EnVisions are designed for the rigors of everyday use. Their high performance servo-drives and continuous automatic systems assure a precision cut at every position, at any velocity.

The enVision’s superior sprocket-feed technology ensures positive material tracking for outstanding results — no slipping, no skewing, no waste, and no guesswork. Gerber enVision plotters perform so reliably all by themselves, you can become a multi-tasker instead of babysitting the plotter.

enVision 375 knife holder

The enVision plotters have micrometer knife holders.

That means you can dial out exactly 4 mils of knife blade to cut 3 mil vinyl with 1 mil of adhesive.

Using this tool properly will insure proper cutting depth.

Have you ever cut vinyl too deep?

If you have, you know how hard it is to peel the liner off the labels.

The enVision plotter will keep you from having to do jobs over again because they were cut too deep.

Intuitive operations require minimal training and ensure maximum productivity. Tool speed, force, acceleration, and blade offset compensation are set automatically when you specify your material in the Gerber software.

When the cutting depth is set on the knife holder as described above, the only variable is the cutting force, which can be increased or decreased in the software or at the cutter. It's a very reliable combination.

Need to die cut and back-slit your labels or decals?

Shoulder cut decal

Yes you can, no kidding.

Back-slitting is often referred to as "crack-n-peel" and can be done very accurately with the enVision plotter.

Ask us for a sample of die-cut and back-slit labels.

If you are a customer of ours, we'll be happy to share this money making capability with you.

If you are not a customer of ours, maybe you should be. We have a lot to offer.

With an enVision plotter on your team,
you can save time and money

No waiting, no downtime, no outside service expense

enVision 750, 30 inch cutter

While your job is cutting, you can quickly check cut quality or job progress, perform test weeding, or modify force, speed and acceleration parameters. Just “pause” the job, then move the cutting head and material.

When you hit the “Resume” button the cutter head will return to its exact last position and continue cutting the job with absolutely no loss of data. The enVision plotters have the versatility you need to handle every job.

With 30°, 45°and 60°blades and the power to precisely cut an extensive variety of materials with or without laminates, you’re ready for anything! Easily downloaded firmware upgrades implement the latest system upgrades and enhancements —from your own computer.

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Sewable Vinyl


Unattended Printing
Rewinders can make the difference between an easy job and one you'll end up reprinting.


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