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E$timator™ Software for the Gerber Edge® & Vinyl Cutters
Estimating software that ensures profitable estimates.

The Estimator software for the Gerber Edge in enjoyed by over 700 users.

Now you can take your Estimator with you to a customer site or to any Windows-based computer. And, you don't need a laptop. Just plug it into any PC with a USB port and you can estimate right from the key.

And don't worry, you can hide your costs and whole sale pricing from being viewed over your shoulder by a customer. You can even store quotes and pricing templates on the key. E$timator USB is available with all the current Foil Lists from Gerber, Duracoat, and Z9.

Get the E$timator USB ready with the foils for the New Gerber Edge FX.

E$timator Continues to be the easiest, fastest, and most accurate program for the Gerber Edge.

Estimate Fast!
There are no complex menus to navigate. Just punch in your labelsize, then select the material and ribbons from pull down menus. It's that fast and easy. E$timator software is easy to teach to new people. You can instantly view your retail price, wholesale price, and your costs. Instantly see your profit on the whole job per piece or per hour.

Price jobs using the Gerber Edge, your vinyl cutter, or both. The E$timator has a complete on-line help system. Tailor the program to reflect your own overhead costs, markups, and pricing. Analyze a breakdown of your costs, wholesale and retail prices, and gross profits on any job estimate.

E$timator will help you decide whether to produce jobs digitally on the Edge or a non digital method such as screen printing.

Plan your production schedule with complete production time estimates.
A complete production page may be printed giving you valuable information such as run times and material usage.

E$timator helps you determine which jobs or market niches
are more profitable than others.

With a printing system as versatile as the Gerber Edge, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to take advantage of niche markets. You can easily add or remove materials, foils, and laminates to the E$timator.

Additional features include:
Keep your costs and profits confidential with "Password Protection." You can imbed your logo on the Estimate page for faxing estimates from your computer.

USB w/ Full Program ONLY $399.00
USB Upgrade now ONLY $79.00


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Sewable Vinyl


Unattended Printing
Rewinders can make the difference between an easy job and one you'll end up reprinting.

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