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Gerber Omega Software
Omega 2.5 features advanced productivity.

Omega 2.5 now runs on Intel-based Macs running Boot Camp
and Windows XP and drives the Edge FX.

Omega software takes the color profiling puzzle out of the equation by providing the optimal print and cut settings for the materials that you choose. Can you say "Don't make me think?"

Building a complete print-to-cut solution begins with the right software.

Unlike other popular programs, Omega is built from the ground up specifically for on-demand production with Gerber hardware and materials.

Omega offers an incredibly deep matrix of material and color settings (called material profiles) that would otherwise have to be created by the user. These profiles are automatically assigned when the user picks the materials and colors appropriate for the job. Although third party ribbons and materials are available, Gerber has most of the bases covered and has done the work for you.

Omega is intuitive, versatile, and easy to use—a software powerhouse that has the capability to enable a beginner and propel the expert.

About Omega:
Gerber Omega design and output software is a complete suite of layout, design, output and conversion tools created specifically for use in the graphics industry.

Omega capabilities allow you to create sophisticated, technical or advanced layouts while maintaining simple and consistent operation.

Omega design and output tools are fine-tuned to accommodate printing on the Gerber Edge® and in registration cutting of graphics on Gerber cutters and other compatible cutters.

Standard Omega Design and Output Features
Comparison Chart

Omega Configurations and Upgrades

Omega Fonts and Libraries

WHAT’S Included in Omega 2.5

What's New in Omega™ 2.5
Omega 2.5 Spanish Readme

New Features in Omega 2.5

Gerber Omega 2.5 is the latest Omega release. Users can upgrade from previous versions of Omega or GRAPHIX ADVANTAGE or buy new seats to design and drive new output devices. Omega 2.5 includes these new features:

  • Clipping paths let you create new effects by masking pictures or other vectors with vector shapes.
  • Embedded Images save time and effort by allowing images to be included with the Omega PLT file.
  • Improved file import for PDF, AI, EPS and Postscript files saves redesign time.
  • Dimensioning tools make it easier than ever to create customer layouts, proofs and installation drawings.
  • Layers make it easier to organize, design and output jobs more easily than ever.
  • Additional bonus features include more standard fonts, the ability to pause the Gerber Edge before rewinding vinyl, a new preflight output preview tool, improved vinyl only to-front/to-back control and paper printing, and more!
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Sewable Vinyl


Unattended Printing
Rewinders can make the difference between an easy job and one you'll end up reprinting.

Omega Configurations
Upgrades from Omega 1.5X and 2.0/2.1 to Omega 2.5

  • You already know and love Gerber Omega. Get the most productivity from the latest and greatest Omega version. Contact your distributor immediately for details about upgrading today!

Plus, if you are upgrading from Omega 1.56, you get all the great features of Omega 2.0, PLUS the newest features of Omega 2.5 in one easy upgrade. Upgrades from GRAPHIX ADVANTAGE to Omega 2.5

  • Thousands of GA customers already know the hundreds of reasons to upgrade to Omega. Multiple undos, virtually unlimited shapes in files, text on the worksurface, improved import and export, the ability to copy and paste from other programs, thousands of fonts, and much more.

Get more design and more output from the same work day with Gerber Omega.Omega CP

  • Omega CP includes all the tools you need to create and output cut vinyl jobs, plus has color assignment and output capabilities for all Gerber Edge and Gerber MAXX 2 thermal transfer printers.

Omega CS

  • Omega CS includes the ability to design and output cut vinyl jobs.

New Omega 2.5 Layout Station

  • A New Layout Station Configuration is now available with Omega 2.5. Layout station allows for complete design activities without any output. Show customers concepts in the front office. Design on a laptop away from the shop. Add design stations and save files to a network folder for output.

Omega Plot Station

  • Omega Plot Station includes all the output capabilities of Omega CP with no design capabilities

Omega Multiple Installation Programs

  • If you already have Gerber Omega software, you can add additional complete Omega stations with the Omega Multiple Installation Program (Not available in all countries). See your Authorized Gerber Distributor for details.

Omega™ Level-To-Level Upgrades

  • Level-to-level upgrades are provided to allow customers who have previously purchased GA or Omega™ software packages to move up to a higher level of Omega™ software. Customers purchasing one of the three level-to-level upgrades listed below are automatically brought up to the latest revision of Omega™ software.

  • GA ELITE or Omega™ CS to Omega™ CP

  • GA SELECT or Omega™ CL to Omega™ CP

Please note that Omega CL has been discontinued with Omega 2.5. Customers with Omega CL who purchase an Omega 2.5 upgrade also get a level to level upgrade to Omega CS. This offer may be discontinued at any time. See the Features Chart for more details on the differences between Omega configurations


  • 32-bit programs offer fast operations with full-size layout capabilities and the ability to create files with virtually an unlimited number of shapes.
  • Create complete vector-based shapes.
  • Enter and format text with high-quality, scalable vector fonts from Gerber and URW.
  • Create vector-based shadows, distortions, outlines and other effects, then cut as a vector shape on vinyl cutters/router or assign colors and print on sign printers.
  • Import and export popular vector and image desktop publishing formats.
  • Fine tune designs with simple yet powerful node and segment editing tools (detail editing).
  • Lay out and cut vinyl signs using a full set of Gerber vinyl palettes.
  • Assign GerberColor spot and CMYK process colors for extremely simple output to Gerber thermal transfer printers.
  • GerberColor Spectratone expands solid, rich spot color usage into the thousands by designing and printing one spot color on top of another with a Gerber Edge.
  • Create Omega-generated CMYK, GerberColor Spectratone, and Edge Spot Color simulations of solid PANTONE® Colors.
  • Create percentage tints, gradients, and "spot-to-spot" gradients for Gerber Edge output.
  • Execute color management system with smart defaults for easy color "out of the box." Includes Monaco X-RITE EZ Color for consistent color from scanner to paper printer to vinyl cutter to the Gerber Edge. And calibrate your monitor with an optional monitor measurement device.
  • Import pictures, tif, bmp, jpg etc. Print on the Gerber Edge (Omega CP) or create customer proofs and layouts using a paper printer (Omega CP and CS).
  • Turn pictures into outlines for use on a vinyl cutter or to assign color fills.


  • Compatible with Gerber vinyl cutters, as well as popular vinyl cutters from other manufacturers.
  • Compatible with Gerber Edge-series and Gerber MAXX 2 thermal transfer printers that include a seamless RIP and Color Management System.
  • Reverse, axis swap, repeat, and size output jobs in the GSPPlot program without affecting the saved original file.
  • Render and output jobs in the GSPPlot output program while designing in the Composer Design Program.
  • Output larger than the output device’s physical size with automatic panels.
  • Gerber ColorID compares and matches colors between vinyl colors, Gerber Edge spot colors, and even PANTONE Colors
  • Truetype Font Converter enables truetype fonts as cuttable or printable Gerber fonts.
  • Font Manager helps keep track of Gerber fonts.
  • Font Designer enables the creation of custom vector fonts and Edge fonts..
  • Gerber Thumbprint maintains Gerber PLT files.
  • GSP File Converter and Vantage Scan II Raster to Vector programs convert multiple files from one format to another while unattended.

See the Features Chart for a comparison of Omega CP and CS

New Omega 2.5 Features



Clipping paths


Embedded Images


Improved file import



More than 100 additional standard fonts

Pause the Gerber Edge before rewinding vinyl

SPLView preflight output preview tool

Improved vinyl only to-front/to-back control and paper printing

Includes ARTPath Router software

(♦) paper print only

Omega Level



Handles virtually unlimited numbers of points & shapes

Compatible with Microsoft® Windows® XP and 2000

Unbounded "virtual" work surface

Movable, dockable tool bars

Multiple views of job, multiple open jobs

Improved import and export of files and cut and paste from other applications

Autosave Function

Color management for color consistency across all devices

Includes X-RITE / Monaco EZ Color desktop Calibration Package ($299 value*)

Multiple undo and redo with selectable number of levels

Text entry/edit on the work surface with font filtering

Automatic text "change case" commands

Ability to smart-edit text once it is copied and pasted

Fast outlining with multiple, variable spacing

Pre-set and "WARP" adjustable distortions

Simple powerful detail editing (node editing)

Spot color foil assignments from on-screen palettes

Multiple CMYK fills for shapes and TrueType™ fonts

Assign and print multiple spot color gradients

Assign and print different top and base tints for GerberColor Spectratone™ fills

Ability to automatically convert process color solid fills and gradients to spot gradients and solid fills

Scanners & digitizing tablet support

Fit text to path tools

Duplicate and Paste Offset commands

Keyboard shortcuts

Basic and Polygon drawing tools

Raster-to-Vector conversion of color bitmaps to shapes

Support for ART Path™ and Auto-Carve™ 3D router software option

Gerber ColorID™ color matching software

Shadow and Shape effects

True Type font support on Edge® and MAXX

GerberTone™ halftones for any size Edge or MAXX output

Improved GerberTone STC Photo halftone for images

Support for ImageRIP™ option

PANTONE® Color simulations and GerberColor Spectratone color fill support

Network output support for remote Edge, MAXX plotter and Jetster output

Network output support for remote plotter output

New Thumbprint thumbnail job catalog print utility

Improved measure mode with ability to save and print measurements

"Lock Objects" command

"Natural Layout" design frame

"Demo mode" operation

URW and Gerber fonts in vector format



New Features in Omega 2.5
Clipping Paths
Enhance designs and create special effects using masks with the new Clipping Paths feature. Clipping paths limit the display of specified objects by drawing only the parts of the objects that fall within the path and not the parts that fall outside the path. When clipping objects, you can select a single object or multiple objects that are grouped together to act as a single clipped path.

Embedded Images
Save time and improve productivity by directly embedding image files into Omega. Once you embed an image in an Omega file, the original image file does not have to be in a separate file for rendering to occur. With the Embedded Images feature, you eliminate looking for image files needed for rendering, archiving or sharing files.

Improved File Importing
Importing files into Omega has never been easier! Omega 2.5 now has new file conversion filters that allow the importing of Postscript and PDF file types as well as improved import filters for AI and EPS files. This enhanced design versatility now accommodates; Adobe® Illustrator® 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 and CS, PDFs created with Acrobat® 4 -6, EPS files supported from Adobe CS2 and lower, and postscript files level 1, 2 and 3. With Omega’s improved file importing, you get more original design details so there is no reassignment of design elements or recreation of file parts.

Dimensioning Tools
Perfect customer proofs and layout instructions by generating on-screen measurements and annotations with the Dimensioning Tools feature. Dimensioning Tools allow you to measure objects, distances, and angles and post these measurements in the job. A main dimension toolbar lists the six new tools: horizontal, vertical, aligned, angular, annotation, and object dimensions. And for extra flexibility, you can choose to paper print or output the dimensions to a GSPPlot device such as the Gerber Edge FX


Design and Output with Layers
Maximize design productivity and keep jobs organized by designing and outputting with the Layers feature. Use Layer Manager to select, cut, paste and arrange the order of the objects in a job. You can put an image on one layer, logos on the second layer, and text on a third layer. Hide layers to make it easier to focus on specific job components or add notes to layers for future reference. When the job is complete, you can output the layered job as a single traditional job or output only specific layers.

Gerber Fonts Product Information

Gerber's extensive selection of typefaces prepares you for any professional type challenge — from decorative and classic styles, to casual and script. Gerber fonts are hand-digitized to ensure superlative quality and conformance to architectural and industry standards.

Omega™ CP
These fonts load automatically with Omega CP Omega™ CS

These fonts load automatically with Omega CSBonus Fonts added to Omega 2.5: Letter Styles List

These additional GerberSoft Fonts are now included with Omega CP and CS. Load them using Gerber Font Manager. They do not load automatically.

New with Omega 2.5:
Font Packs Gerber Omega Font Packs offer an impressive number of additional fonts at a very low cost per font. Individual fonts are not longer available for sale with Omega 2.5.The following font Packs are available with Omega 2.5:

Font and Library Pack Description

Number of Items Included

Part Number

Premium Gerber Soft Font Pack
Letter Styles List



GSP Library Pack



Omega CS to CP GSP Font Option



GSP Highway Gothic Federal Kern 12 Pack Option



Braille Font Pack INCLUDING the Gerber Braille Interpreter Option (The Option and Fonts are activated from the CD with a password)

2 fonts PLUS the Braille Interpreter Option


Gerber Edge Font Pack
Letter Style (22MB) List



What’s Included in Omega 2.5?

New Seats

New Seat MIPs

Layout Station

Plot Station

GA to Omega Upgrades

Omega 1.5X to Omega 2.5 Upgrades

Omega 2.0/2.1 to Omega 2.5 Upgrades

PlotStation, DesignStation, EdgeRip, ImageRIP Standalone Upgrades

Software CD


X-Rite Monaco EZ Color version 2.5 and IT8 Target



Reference Manual Coupon (Coupon must be sent to GSP to get manual shipped separately)



Learning Guide (Included in the kit)



Getting Started Manual (Included in the kit)

New USB Security Key


Upgrade Password



Separate CD with the following What’s New in Omega automated screen grab presentations:

GA to Omega PowerPoint presentation

Omega 1.56 to Omega 2.0 PowerPoint Presentation

What’s New in Omega 2.5 PDF Presentation

All Manuals in PDF Format (on software CD)

Distortion and Accelerator Charts in PDF Format

(on software CD)

Omega Mousepad


PANTONE® and other Pantone, Inc. trademarks are the property of Pantone, Inc. Adobe, Acrobat, and Illustrator are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Inc. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp .Intel Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corp.

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