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Gerber Omega
Gerber releases a major update that includes many new features for improving design and workflow.


PhotoPrint for Matan
Matan has chosen the powerful Scanvec Amiable PhotoPrint Server to bundle with their printers.


Estimator Software
E$timator™ Continues to be the easiest, fastest, and most accurate program for the Gerber Edge®.


Matan VariPrint
You can now incorporate variable text and barcodes, images into graphics on the fly.


It's as simple as picking the type size and font out of the list as you normally would with any typeface.

When it comes to software for you printer, choosing the right tool is key.

Gerber and Matan use specialized software to unleash the power of their printers. Knowing how to use the software is the key to getting the most out of your printer. Why spend money on hardware and not take full advantage of it. We can teach you the ins and outs of the software.

We have also written software to help you estimate jobs. The Estimator software for the Gerber Edge is enjoyed by over 700 users and is now portable because it runs directly off the USB key.


GMS Heavy Duty Rewinders for Gerber Systems $300 Off with Edge Purchase...
Click for info on our rewinders

Cold Weather is Coming!
Convex Cold Weather vinyl is used to make decals for cold weather applications.

PolyTrace. This is our latest of two new products we are adding to our security products line. PolyTrace is a matte silver polyester with a special adhesive that leaves a ghost of where it was if it is ever removed.

When a label on PolyTrace is removed, simply hit the area where it was supposed to be with a blacklight and...
whamo... there it is... er...was.
If you sell labels or tags, you owe it to your customers to use PolyTrace. Can you say up-sell?

Find Out More: www.PolyTrace.net

This laminate was formulated to provide a durable 9 yr. UV protective covering as well as withstand harsh chemicals.

This is the film of choice for many durable safety and warning decals, name plates, membrane switch overlays, control panels, and indoor architectural signs. Learn More...

PVC-X has the same characteristics as you’d expect from generic PVCs, but PVC-X prints beautiful on the Gerber Edge systems and cuts like butter. And since it is glossy on both sides, you can print on either side... all at $175 for a 50 yard roll.
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