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Tuff-Cover™ Laminate
Nine years of test data shows how this amazing laminate prevents fading.

The Wyoming Bureau of Land Management uses Tuff Cover on their park signs printed with a large format ink jet printer.

This laminate is formulated to provide a durable 9 yr. UV protective covering as well as to withstand harsh cleaners and chemicals.

Tuff-Cover is a 8 mil film velvet textured, pressure-sensitive laminate that has double the UV inhibitors that most films offer.

The test results are impressive after more than nine years worth of UV exposure testing in the Arizona desert.

Tuff-Cover out performs most polycarbonates
at a fraction of the cost.

At an average of $1.20 per square foot, it's hard to beat such a durable UV Blocking laminate.

In comparison, outdoor polycarbonate (15" x 50 yd. roll) is approximately $650. That's three times the cost of Tuff Cover UV and you haven't even applied a flood coat of white or the transfer adhesive. Price check please!

Other Tests Performed: We have also tested Tuff-Cover with everything from gasoline and hydraulic oil to sulfuric acid on samples of data plates for vehicles. Those test results are available upon request. A 300 hr. Carbon Arc Weatherometer test has also been documented.

Tuff-Cover vs. polycarbonate: Tuff-Cover easily surpasses most polycarbonate films for UV stability, durability, chemical resistance, and it is a fraction of the price.

Variety: There is a wider choice of base materials to print on and then laminate as compared to the available transfer adhesives to be laminated to polycarbonates after sub-surface printing. Because Tuff-Cover is a laminate, you can use your favorite base material with the appropriate adhesive for the job.

Applications: This is the film of choice for many durable safety and warning decals, name plates, membrane switch overlays, control panels, and indoor architectural signs. Of course if you want outdoor durability, use Tuff-Cover as mentioned above.

Fine Print: Performance and added ribbon life will depend on the exact environmental conditions of the intended application. This information does not suggest or constitute a written or verbal warranty of guaranty of any kind by the manufacturer or distributor of this product. Purchasers of this product are responsible for independently determining the suitability of the material for the intended application.

Tuff-Cover withstands tough UV
10 years of UV exposure testing




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